Complete setups including the Breadboard, Enclosure and Equipment Rack.  Can be moved  as the situation allows. Ideal for a classroom setting.

   Warnings  Signs

  • Illuminated Signs - 110/220  VAC
  • Non-illuminated - Self Adhesive
  • Class 1 thru 4.  
tn_VLSIL LaserOn


Mini Breadboards

Breadboards with lower mounting flange, starting  from 3” x 3”.    Ideal for those applications where storage space is restricted.

Fits up to 6’ wide and 16’ long tables with a maximum thickness of 24”. Weight limit is 7000 lbs


Optical Table Hoist

Benchtop Controllers with both Laser Diode Control (up to 10 Amperes) and TEC Control in the same package. Featuring Multiple  Linear Power Supplies, eliminates the noise found in Switching Supplies.

Laser Diode Control

Measuring Nano-Amperes to Milli-Amps.  in 8- Ranges.  BNC Inputs standard and Dual channels units available (CM3100).

Current Meters, Current Amplifiers and Ratiometers

Power Levels up to 1000 watts. Both Water cooled and Convection units can be purchased.  Aperature sizes from 3/4” to 5”.

Beam Dumps

Vibration Isolated Platforms

Designed for applications such as Microscopes where critical measurements need to be repeated. Stock size is 24” x 24” with custom sizes available.

Many styles and sized to the needs of your project.  Light Tight, Cable Ports, Fans can be added to the design.   Sliding Doors, Hinged Doors, or Removeable Doors.

   Optical Table    Enclosures

  Optical Breadboards

Breadboards from 8” x 8”  to 48” x 120”.  Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Light Weight, Titanium and Ferromagnetic skins.



 In-stock sizes include :


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From UV to IR, We have Laser Safety Glasses and Goggles for most wavelengths. Uses include Research, Dental, Telecom and Industrial.  Styles and Sizes for Pediatrics as well as Adults.

VERE has been manufacturing equipment for the Optical Laboratory since the late 1980’s.Our products are used worldwide by educational, industrial and government institutions for research and development in optical systems.

We strive to offer the most economical products available while keeping quality the priority.

Full line of Optical Tables and supporting structures.  Individual Legs Assemblies or Table Stands can be equipped with SLAS Vibration Isolation.



  Optical Tables / Anti-Vibration Tables

VTHA19307 2 350

We make the tables......

We move the tables......

We support the tables......

We enclose the tables......

* As of 10/11/19

Passive isolation version is now available for those non critical dampening situations.

All specifications and prices are subject to change. All rights reserved Copyright 1997- Present, VERE INC.

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Innovative Products for the Optical Laboratory

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