• Easy reach to all areas of table
  • Matches standard lab counters
  • Inexpensively vibration isolated
  • Saves space on 3 sides
  • No protruding corners
  • Black ferromagnetic finish
  • 4" thick damped core

Space saving

Our Corner Table Top rests on your existing counter top or can be free standing with our support options. It is perfect as a Microscope Stand or as a platform for microscopy, cell injection, lithography, holography, and other demanding tasks. Square tables this size require access from all sides in order to reach the entire table. This corner table allows access to the entire surface with a reach of no more than 30 inches. This saves 50 sqft of laboratory space!    

Vibration isolation.

If resting on your existing strong counter top, the corner table top can be vibration isolated with either our isolation bladders or 3-5 each of the "VIC" canisters. This places the table top approximately 6" to 8" above your countertop. If free standing, vibration isolation can be accomplished with our "VITSCTVIC1A" support stand (Supports up to 300 lbs with 3 each or up to 500 lbs. with 5 each).


48”x48” Corner Table

Corner Table Top:

    P/n: 36364*X*CT          36"x36"x4.3" 1" grid

    P/n: 363640CT              36"x36"x4.3" no grid

    P/n: 48484*X*CT          48"x48"x4.3" 1" grid

    P/n: 484840CT              48"x48"x4.3" no grid

     x = Please specify type of holes:      E = 1/4-20  or   M = M6 holes


The skins are athermally matched ferromagnetic steel coated in a low reflectance black finish. The finish is impervious to nearly all chemicals commonly used in biomedical applications. It is highly durable and absorbs 90% of incident light upon it. Alcohol and a soft cloth or paper towel can be used to clean the finish. The core is a damped nonmetallic honeycomb with inherent broadband energy absorption. The 1" grid of holes (also available with no grid) are sealed with a polymeric film that punctures when the hole is used, allowing the full depth of the core to be utilized. Any spills into an open hole would be easily removed with a stiff tip syringe.

 Standard lab counter

 Standard lab counter

Support Options:

Vibration Isolated Support Stand:

    P/n: VITSCTVIC1A3636CT for 36"x36" corner table

    P/n: VITSCTVIC1A4848CT for 48"x48" corner table

Vibration Isolation for Counter Top use:

    P/n: VBB-CT-3        (3 each bladders)

    P/n: VIC1A-CT-3    (3 each Isolation Canisters for 36”Table)

    P/n: VIC1A-CT-5    (5 each Isolation Canisters for 48” Table)

    P/n: VICBL-CT-3     (3 each High Performance Isolators with mechanical - pneumatic relief valves (Constant air supply required).

Manual Air Pump,  P/n VBB-P

Low Noise Air Compressor,  P/n LNAC-1/5HP

Non-Isolated Support Stand:

    P/n: TS3636CT for 36"x36" corner table

    P/n: TS4848CT for 48"x48" corner table

Non-Isolated Free Standing Legs:

    P/n:   NIL30 -3 (Has 3 each non-isolating legs)

        30" height (custom height available)

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