Innovative Products for the Optical Laboratory

For when you really need to see the beam, the LASER POINTER ENHANCER is the ideal choice.

By blocking most of the visible light, the VPLV filter enhances the Red Wavelengths (620-700nm).


700 Medium Fitover

900 Large Fitover




#31 Small Framed

#39 Large Framed



#60 (Frame color = black)

#36 Medium Adjustable

#38 Large Adjustable 

Type KM.. Ages 7-9

Type KS .. Ages 4-7

#34  Frame with Removable Insert


%VLT = 2.7

To Order :

1. Pick frame style from selections above.

2. Pick lens qualities for your particular application from the graph(s) above, observing O.D (Optical Density ) at the Wavelength(s) being emitted from the Laser Source.

3. Assemble Part # for your desired product. For example :

      VPLV900    = (VPLV) (900)

4.  Call VERE to place the order or use our Easy2Quote system...Click here.  

All specifications,  Optically or otherwise are provided by the manufacturer of these products.