Innovative Products for the Optical Laboratory


(Breadboard not shown)

This kit contains a small solid steel optical breadboard and an assortment of posts, bases, clamps, mirror mounts, and hardware.

The kit comes complete with a storage box and insert to hold the components. It has the components required to set up interferometers, holographic systems, and diffraction demonstrations as well as most experiments found in courses such as modern optics or advanced physics.

The kit uses the standard 1/4-20 hole system on 1 inch centers with 1/2 inch diameter posts. The components are compatible with most major manufacturers components using this system.

It is perfect for small research projects, teaching experiments and school labs. Also available with Metric threaded holes.

OEK-E/M Contents:

1 -19.5 x 19.5 Optical Breadboard

7- 6" Stainless Steel .50" Posts

7- 8/32 Threaded Studs

7- 1/4-20 Threaded Studs

7- Sliding Platform Mounts

2 -Right Angle Post Clamps

1- Beam Splitter

2 -Mirrors

2 -Mirror Mounts w/Tilt

4 -Lenses

2 -1.5" Lens Mounts *

1- 2.5" Lens Mounts *

2- Slide Mounts

8 -Thumb Screws

2 Hex Keys

16 Nylon Washers

  * Please note: Our Engineering dept is updating this item. Call your Sales Representative for details.