Non-Metallic Fiber Optic Switches


  • No metal on user end
  • No electrical hazard
  • No interference
  • Fiber optic coupled


  • MRI patient response
  • Hazardous locations
  • Sensitive magnetic fields

This switch was developed for use in MRI requiring patient responses. Conventional switches contain metal which disrupts the magnetic field and decreases the quality of the image. In order to have a switch which a patient can operate in the machine, it must be nonmetallic. Our answer to this problem was to develop an all plastic switch using a 1mm diameter optical fiber pigtail 3 meters long. The switch and fiber connect to an interface box which converts the switch input to an electrical relay closure. It also has ready applications in locations which have hazards such as high voltage or explosive gases. The switch is intrinsically safe since it cannot produce an arc of any kind and is nonconductive.

Part Number:NMFOS-1

Plastic Optical Fiber

This 1mm plastic optical fiber is sold for use with the switches or can be purchased separately for experimentation. Attenuation approximately 0.6 dB/m. Minimum quantity 10 meters.

Part Number: POF-1

Fiber Optic Response Box

This system contains 4 switches in a small box connected to the interface box via 10 meters of fiber. The interface box runs on a wall transformer and provides 4 TTL compatible output signals.

Part Number: FORB-1