You Just Installed $100,000 of custom UV and Solar blocking windows...

                                                         or did you?????

Vere’s glazing analyzers allow you to verify that what you ordered is what you got.  Eliminate customers concerns and doubts before they start.  With todays’s high tech glazings, it is impossible to determine visually if the correct material is being installed.  Documenting glazing properties during installation demonstrates the contractor’s professionalism and commitment to quality.  VERE’s Glazing Analyzers are small high tech units which measure the  UV, Visible and Solar transmission of glazing, taking out the guesswork.  Developed with the assistance of a major glazing manufacturer, the analyzer is also an important sales tool demonstrating the benefits of high tech glazings.

True Story-

A Washington contractor installed UV blocking glazing into a private art gallery.  Six months later, the owner contacted the contractor demanding compensation for UV damage to artwork in his gallery.  After an expensive evaluation by a consultant, it was determined that he wrong glazing had been shipped from the factory. All of this could have been avoided if a VERE Glazing Analyzer had been used before installation to verify the material met the specification.

Don’t let this happen to you....Order a VERE Analyzer today !!!

GA 2200 Handheld Glazing Analyzer

The VERE Model GA 2200 Handheld Glazing Analyzer is a must for the those who work in the Tinted Glass Industry. Utilizing state of the art technology, instantaenous calculations of VISIBLE, SOLAR, and UV (Ultra-Violet) characteristics are achieved. The optics in each band are totally independent of each other, thus increasing the accuracy of the instrument. Each band also has individual  3-digit  .58” LED readouts. The readouts show the percentage of  Light passing thru the subject material , whether it being a coated glass or plastic. The unit operates from intenal Ni-Cad batteries, AC wall plug Adapter/charger, or can be powered from a 12VDC source (such as an optional Automotive Cigarette Lighter Plug). Ideal to take to the Job Site and carry in a standard Brief Case.


GA 3200 Table Top Glazing Analyzer

The VERE Model GA 3200 Table Top Glazing Analyzer is created with the same technology as the Model GA 2200.  The table top unit has the large 2.3” LED readouts, and runs from standard 120VAC (220VAC optional). The sample is placed horizontally in the instrument during the test, eliminating possible vibrations or shaking of the subject material.  The large display is ideal for Trade Shows, Meetings and Seminars.