Laser Diode Controllers - LC8171, LC8271, LC8371



  • 200 mA drive (LC8171)
  • 2 Amp LD drive (LC8271)
  • 10 Amp LD drive (LC8371)
  • Output Compliance Voltage is 5 volts (all models)

All models:

  • 5 Amp TE controller drive
  • Temperature and Laser control
  • Full diode protection
  • LED digital readout
  • All CDRH features
  • Ultra low noise


This bench top unit is designed as a complete laser diode controller.

It contains a VERE LD8x00 series precision laser diode driver module and a VERE TC7100 temperature controller module.

Powered by Multiple Individual Power Supplies that provided precision control with ultra low noise and the full features of both modules.


The price has been kept low by emphasizing performance and using off the shelf components with standard instrument cases. All of the components and controls are high quality off-the-shelf parts. Off-the shelf components cost less and improve reliability since they have been field tested.

Optional cable set to link Controller to Laser Diode and TE Cooler available.

 Order Part Number: CSLC


Readout - 3 1/2 digit LED

Display functions -

 Laser diode - current, setpoint, limits

     (current and voltage)

Temperature - current, temperature, limits

Power required - 120 VAC 60Hz 1 amp

                       240 VAC (optional)