PCB 8000 Series Support Boards



  • Designed exclusively for LD8x00  series modules
  • Easy plug-in module installation
  • Switches and controls provided
  • All features supported
  • High quality printed circuit board


The PCB8000 is a high quality printed circuit board designed to operate all the features of the LD8000 series laser diode drivers.

This support board makes setting up a module a snap. They eliminate wiring errors and assure proper handling of all inputs and outputs. Simply hook up a triple output power supply and the laser, photodiode.

The modules include: potentiometers to provide setpoints and limits, switches for power and mode as required, barrier strips for power supply inputs and device outputs and LED indicators.

(Note: Additional components may be required for CDRH compliance. End user is responsible for system certification. Please contact factory if additional assistance is required.)


Specifications for operation are provided in the data sheets for the appropriate module.

Data sheets are shipped with the module. You may call the factory to request additional copies.

Power required:

      +/-12 to 15 volts @ 0.5A


       +5 volts at laser current (LD8100 / LD8200 / LD8300)


Size: 8in x 8in x 1in

Heatsinking required (except on LD8100)

     Order Heatsink part number HS-4    

Optional Heat Sink shown