Quick Test for PCB7100 or TC7100 Series Temperature Controllers

 1. Assemble and connect a PCB7100 and a TC7100 in a Standard <50K thermistor configuration

 2. Use either a thermistor or variable resistor (set to center) for the sensor.

 3. Connect a Digital Voltmeter to TEC terminals.

4. Set Current limits and Setpoints accordingly.

5. Power up unit

Observe digital meter, vary the sensor resistance, if using a thermistor simply touch and hold with fingers. The module will detect the change and accordingly will try to compensate. Ideally, if the thermistor is not being touched, the DVM will be reading a positive or negative voltage value.  When it is held, the Opposite polarity value will appear on the DVM. Using a variable resistor will yield same results when adjustment is slightly varied.

      Quick Test for PCB8000 or LD8x00 Laser Diode Modules

      1. Assemble and connect in a standard configuration. For these testing purposes only certain safeguards may be exchanged.  Instead of using a Laser Diode , use a 20ma LED. Connect as a Laser Diode would be connected.   The keylock and interlock terminals can be overridden in this process, by shortling KEYLOCK to RETURN and INTERLOCK to RETURN. THIS can only be done for this test.!!! Disable immediately afterwards.

      2. Connect digital voltmeter to ILD SET and ground.  Adjust to .010 V

      3. Connect digital voltmeter to ILD LIMIT and ground. Adjust to .020V

      4. Connect digital voltmeter to V CLAMP. Adjust to 1.9V

      5. Range will be left OPEN. Feedback pin needs to be connected to LD SENSE pin.

      6. Apply power and Turn on the ON/OFF switch. “5 secs to emission” LED should illuminate.  Afterwards LED (Laser Diode) should be on.  Reducing V CLAMP or reducing ILD set will reduce the LED output.  If VCLAMP or ILD LIMIT are set high, possible LED (Laser Diode) damage will occur.

    Rev 2/2001