Non Isolating Legs

For units that are 30” x 30” ( 75 cm x 75 cm) or larger:

We offer a variety of table legs that are inexpensive and functional. If you are looking to only support your table and do not need the vibration isolation, these legs are your best value.

The standard legs are a 30" high steel tube with rubber padding at the bottom to protect floors. Any height  is available. VERE legs are an ideal cost effective solution. If you have a breadboard/table from another manufacturer, contact our sales department for compatibility.

Part number:     (xx = working height in inches)

 NILxx =    Non-isolating leg 

 NILxxHA =    Height adjustable with leveling foot

 NILxxNM = Non-magnetic version (now avaialable)

VERE'S Table Legs consist of 8" square heavy duty steel tubes with a 11.5" mounting plate to attach to the underside of the table. The entire leg is coated in a black polyurethane finish. (Custom colors available)

Set of (4) legs = $706

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