User Manual for the PCB 7100s with the TC 7100s Temperature Module



         After installing the Module to the Printed Circuit Board :


1.Connect Power to Printed Circuit Board connections as shown.

2.Connect the Thermoelectric Cooler. Observe Polarity!!

3.Connect Sensor Input.

4.SELECT- Programs the module for current input when grounded. Connect to ground when using AD590 sensors. Leave open for thermistor, RTD, and LM 135/335.

5.INVERT -Selects Positive or Negative temperature coefficient. (Connect to ground for AD590, LM135/335 and RTD. Leave open for thermistor

6.Select current source range for RTD’s, Thermistors, LM135/335. (Jumpers may need to be modified)

7.Select Bias for Input device such as  AD590 ,LM335.

8.Connect digital volt meter to SETand ground. Adjust SETPOINT to the desired SETPOINT value.

9.Connect digital volt meter to LIM and ground. Adjust TEC LIMIT to the desired TEC LIMIT value.

10.This area is used when adjustments to the pre-selected Proportional and Integral Loops are desired. Initial operation should be attempted with the factory settings before performance changes are attempted. Oscillations or settling problems may occur if changed. See the manual for TC7100 series module for more details.

    Multiple mounting holes are provided if the module needs to be permanently secured to the printed circuit board. Use 4-40 screws and hex nuts as needed.  The balance of the mounting holes can be used to secure the assembly to a permanent fixture, rack panel, or cabinet.