The PCS 210 is a precision current source that offer high linearity and accuracy over a wide range of currents. The PCS 210 dual channel current source is useful in determining the linearity of log amplifiers, ratio circuit, spectrometer performance and anywhere 2 current sources are required. The PCS 210 also finds many applications in optical processing and neural networks, driving a variety of current operated devices. The sources can also be used to calibrate current probes and to evaluate heating and conduction effects in microelectronics.

The PCS 210 employs state of the art devices and designs to provide accurate currents as low as 1na. Digitally controlled versions as well as other current ranges are available. Please contact the factory.


  • Photodiode simulation
  • Spectrometer calibration
  • Electrochemical studios
  • Neural network drivers
  • Laser diode drive
  • Integrated circuit evaluation
  • Magnetic field generation
  • Anywhere precise currents are required


    Range: Zero to 100 ľa

    Resolution: 10na

    Accuracy: 15na

    Stability: 50 ppm/deg C

    Compliance voltage: +5 volts minimum

    Display: 4 1/2 digit

    Power: 120/240 volts: 0.25A

    Size: 8in x 8in x 3in

    Weight: 1 lb (.45kg)