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Using the guidelines from the areas below please email us with your requirements.

For Optical Breadboard and Optical Table Products:    

Table Width:  12” to 72” (30 cm to 180 cm)                  Table Length: 12” to 120”  (30 cm to  300 cm)                         Honeycomb  Core Thickness:  .5” up to 32”

Grid Pattern:  1”, 2”, ( 25 mm, 50 mm) , No Grid                      Border Area: .5”,1”, (2” standard)                          Type of  Lead Screw Tapped Holes:  1/4-20 or M6

Skin Material:  Ferromagnetic Steel,  Stainless Steel,  Aluminum,  Titanium,  Carbon Fiber,  Polycarbonate or other?                     Custom Holes or Cutouts?

Support Options: 

Non-Isolating Stands?         Isolating Stands?                 Individual Non-Isolating Legs?            Individual Isolating Legs?                          Vibration Bladders?

Transportation Options: 

Optical Breadboard Carrying Case?                                       Optical Table Moving Equipment?

Vibration Isolation Platforms: 

Size: Width (Front)?    Depth (Sides)?         Complete with Top? or Base unit only?         Anticipated weight being put on unit?       Shop Air available?

Turntable usage?               Microscope usage?             Electronic Scale usage?

Other Helpful Information:

Will this product be used at a College or University?                     Has your company purchased from VERE before ?                          Required Delivery Date:           

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