Screw Kits

Why make so many trips to the local hardware store while doing experiments? 

These kits are filled with over 400 pieces of the commonly used items for your breadboard / table.

Available in English ( US standard threads) or Metric.

Part Number  SKE -  (1/4-20 English Threads)

                         SKM -  (M6  Metric Threads)

Contains the following:

1 - Plastic Storage Box

10 - 1/2” Thumb Screws

25 - 3/8” Socket Head

25-  5/8” Socket Head

50-  3/4” Socket Head

25-  1” Socket Head

25 - Plastic Washers

3 -  Hex keys

25-  1 1/4” Socket Head

25-  1 1/2” Socket Head

25-  2” Socket Head

25- 1/2” Set Screws

25- 3/4” Set Screws

50- Nuts

100- Washers


10pc. T- Handle Hex Key Set

Compliments the typical Screw kits found in laboratories.

Contains (10) of the  T-Handle type Hex drivers which mate with the typical size Hex Head Screws and Allen Set Screws. 

Color coded Molded Plastic Handles. 

Available in English or Metric Arrangements.

Part Number: HKS-E (English)

                        HKS-M (Metric)

Metric sizes included:

2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm,4.5mm 5mm,5.5mm, 6mm,8mm,10mm

SAE(English) sizes included:


Angle brackets

Part number:

RAB5       5 inch bracket     (5” high)

RAB12     12 inch bracket   (12”high)

RAB24     24 inch bracket   (24”high)

Uniquely constructed from heavy steel, these brackets are inexpensive and lightweight. Unlike aluminum brackets, they will hold magnetic bases. Finish is black. Both surfaces are liberally slotted for ease in mounting. Perfect for vertical mounting of breadboards.

Magnetic bases


2 magnets shown


Both styles have an anti-reflective finish and a holding force of 75lbs. The economy magnetic bases are 2.5" in diameter, 1/2" thick and mount with a 1/4-20 or M6 cap-screw.

Part number:

MB1-B = Economy style

Part number:

MB2-E = ON/OFF style, 1/4-20 hole

MB2-M = ON/OFF style, M6 hole

The ON/OFF style are 2" x 2.5" x 2.5" and have an array of 5 each 1/4-20 or M6 tapped holes

Black Masking Tape

Approximately 55M (180ft) per roll

Part number:   BMT-1      1” Wide Roll

                    BMT-2      2” Wide Roll

Black Posterboard

Black heavy duty posterboard

          Each sheet is  20” x 30” x 1/16”

Part Number:    BPB-1

Black Fabric

  • Black rubberized fabric.
  • Great for blocking light !!!  54” wide

Part Number:    BRF- #       (# = yds)

Heavy duty version - Now available!!

Part Number:    BRFHD- #       (# = yds)

Similiar to above but heavier duty and 60” wide