About VERE ...

1. Sealed holes. VERE was the first company to seal all the holes to prevent damage to the table from spills and make cleanups easier.

2. Oil and chip-less design. All machining is done before assembly to prevent oil and metal chips from being present inside the table.

3. Broadband dampeningA composite core was designed which is free of resonances.  This eliminates the need for tuned dampening and provides nearly ideal frequency response.  Some other manufacturers use undamped cores and then try to remove resonances with oil filled dampening blocks located throughout the table.  These only remove specific frequencies and do not provide broadband dampening.

4. Lightweight. Shipping a table and then moving it into a lab can easily cost more than the table itself.  The goal was to design a table with the same performance as competing manufacturers that could be moved and installed by hand using 6 graduate students and a pizza.  This can save thousands of dollars per table.  VERE even offers a high performance table that weighs only 150 lbs for a    4’ x 8’ table.

5. Anti-reflective coating.  No one wants to add to their resume that they got a Ph.D. and eye damage during graduate school.  VERE’s antireflective finish absorbs 95% of incident light and scatters the remainder making intense reflections almost non-existent.

6. Joining systems.  VERE offers joining systems that provide continuous uninterupted grid patterns with equal perfomance to continuous tables.  This makes installation much easier and cheaper without sacrificing anything.  The key to this technique is understanding the table structure.  The table gets its rigidity by transferring forces from the core to the skin.  If the skins are joined very uniformly, then the table acts as a continuous panel.  VERE’s joining system use a line of fasteners on 1” centers across the table to make the two skins into a continuous structure.  The fasteners are flush with the top skin so there is no effect on components mounted in the joined area.

We currently have over 5000 optical tables in and breadboards in use throughout the world at major univeristies, government labs and hi tech companies.

University discounts are available to qualified institutions.  Please contact our Sales Department with your requirements today.