VERE will manufacture an Enclosure in most unique shapes and sizes.

Only the depth of the user’s imagination and the resourcefullness of our Engineering staff are the limitations.

Sizes: Custom built to your specifications

Choice of Materials:

  • Metal:  Steel or Aluminum
  • Plastics: Polycarbonates or Acrylics
  • Fabric: Std. Black Fabric or Heavy Duty Black Fabric

Mountings: Table top, Floor, Ceiling


  • Sliding
  • Hinged Top
  • Hinged Bottom
  • Hinged Side
  • Removable Panels (Recommended for LIGHT TIGHT Applications)

Colors: Black Anti-reflective Coating (standard)

      or  Custom Colors and Textures


  • Interlock Switches
  • Acoustic Dampening
  • Cable Ports for use in Electrical Feedthru situations.  Can accomodate combinations of Loose wires, Coaxial Cables and Fiber Bundles. 
  • Fans
  • Lighting

Sliding front doors not yet installed

Sides and top are removable

optical table enclosure 450
BB+Enclosure+VIC 450

Fully enclosed units with fans

Front view, Bottom Hinged Door Closed

Rear view with (2) covered fans

Front view, Bottom Hinged Door Open

Single Enclosure Units with Multiple Doors

Enc10door 312

Click on Photo for exploded view of this drawing

Multiple Section Enclosures

Removable access and seperation panels shown in photo

Sliding Door Enclosure for on top of 4’ x 8’ Optical Table

Top and Lower access panels removed for photo

Larger Single Unit supported by existing optical table with removable top and side panels

Enclosure size is approximately

5’ wide x 18’ long x 4’ high

Base is an optical breadboard, supported on the round legs.


Enclosures for 1064nm  (Nd: YAG)

VERE has been building unique and exclusive Enclosures for years. More recently, demand for laser enclosures featuring our blocking plastics at 1064nm have been quite popular.

Below are a few of the newer designs.

(Photos were taken prior to packaging with protective coatings on polycarbonate  windows.

  • This unit is approximately 24” x 36” with all sides and top with 1064nm polycarbonate windows.
  • Bottom is open

  • Unit to the right is coated with a protective polyurethane finish.
  • Front window is a 1064nm Polycarbonate window.
  • Unit size is approximately 18”W x 18”D x 28”H. 
  • Front door has protective latch mechanism
  • Double interlock switch setup is internal to the unit.

Although designed for 1064nm, we can accomodate inquiries ranging from the UV thru IR. 

Call or email today to one of our Applications Engineers

Enclosures for Laser Marking Units

VERE also manufactures specialized enclosures for industries such as Laser Marking.

Each application has specific requirements including Safety, Product QA/QC, and Ease of Operation for the Assembler.

Our designers work with this criteria during the Engineering of each Enclosure.

encLaserMarking1 200
  • Access is thru the Side Door
  • Front /Rear Windows are Clear Polycarbonate
  • Front Door Slides Up/Down for access.
  • Window is a Laser Filter, blocking the Laser Wavelength being used.

Enclosures for use with Nitrogen