Options for your new Optical Table

Laser Ports/Through holes

Custom sizes and shapes

Any size or shape hole can be placed through the board for bringing laser beams to the top surface or for mounting instruments flush. The honeycomb core is sealed around the through holes, allowing a clean environment for your application.

The size is limited only to your imagination. Custom sizes are available for the same price as the next larger standard size.

Email a drawing of your custom shape for a quote.

Optical Tables for Oversize dimensions

We now have the capacity to manufacture a table up to (100” x 108”) or (48” x 240”) in one piece. Any other size requirements can be easily accomplished by structurally joining two or more tables.

Our system offers any size or shape you require with a structurally sound seam and without interference with the grid pattern. Click here for more details

Custom hole patterns

We can build your board to your specifications. Additional Holes, Grids, Bolt Hole Circles and Uniform Patterns are also available.

Extra core thickness

Our core comes standard in .50, 1, 2, 4, 6,8 and 12 inches thick. Any thickness of table can be made by laminating multiple cores.  Please consult the factory for more options.

Vibration Bladders

A very effective way of isolating a breadboard or small table from another table is by use of an air bladder. The air bladder is inflated and placed on a bench or other table and the breadboard (BB) placed on top. For years, it has been common to use an inner tube from a bicycle or car, and it provides isolation as good as or better than any other passive method. We offer a similar setup composed of an air bladder matched to the board size and an air pump.

(2)VBB’s shown in photo

Vibration Isolation Legs

We offer two types of Vibration Isolation Legs. The standard air spring has a load range of 50 Lb's up to 400Lb's per leg. The heavy duty air springs load range is 150 Lb's up to 1200Lb's per leg. Click here for more info.

 Table Stands

Non-Isolating Table Legs

Part number: Bladder only

 VBB-S       12" bladder

 VBB-L       24" bladder

Part number: Bladder with air pump

 VBB-PS      12" bladder for 18-28" BB's

 VBB-PL      24" bladder for 30"+ BB's

We also offer Table Stands as well as Non-isolating table legs.  

Click here for an Instruction Manual for this product.

Support Posts

Under Table Laser Shelf

Our support posts are 1.5" round steel posts with a mounting flange at the bottom. The top has a 1/4-20 tapped hole. Attach the support post to your breadboard with a 1/4-20 threaded stud and then mount the flange to a table.

The Under Table Laser Shelf is 18” wide x 60” long suspended under the optical table with a cradle support.  Fits between legs or support stand posts.  Add a laser port to the optical table for beam steering.

Part number:

  •  SP-24 =     24" Height
  •  SP-12 =     12" Height
  •  SP-6 =       6" Height
  •  SP-4 =       4" Height
  • SP-X =      Special Height available


  • 4" Extenders, no mounting flange, with 1/4-20 threaded hole at each end

Custom Table / Breadboard Showcase

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