Non-Compressed Air:     Vibration Isolation Table Stand

Similar unit to our Compress Air Vibration Isolation Table Stand except is designed for those facilities that do not have compressed air available in the workplace.

The vibration isolation canisters provide convenience as well as isolation.  They inflate with a hand or bicycle pump and are available for weights up to 4800 lbs.  Our stock canisters are available in 100 lb  or 300 lb versions (click here for spec sheets)  but others are obtainable. Each stand uses (4) canister units.


  • Height adjustable leveling feet (+/-1inch)
  • Optional Shelf
  • Optional Side panels
  • Optional Power Strip of US standard outlets
  • Light weight models avaialable
  • Optional Casters and/or Feet

Detailed view of mounting plate



LF- Standard leveling foot  (Max. Load 5000 lbs each)

LLC- Optional Locking caster with leveling. (Max. Load, 550 lbs each)

Optional  Shelf for Table Stands

Part Number:

OS2448    Fits up to 24” x 48”

OS3672    Fits up to 36” x 72”

OS4896    Fits up to 48” x 96”


Optional  Power Strip for Table Stands

Part Number: TSPS

  • Mounted to rail of Table Stand.
  • Eliminates extension cords and wire messes
  • Multiple units can be purchased.


To Order: Please use the following guide

Step1 : Note product series #. This will be # VITS

Step2 : Select Canister model by Total Weight supported by unit (include Table Top Weight)

Canister Model

Total maximum weight supported (lbs) by stand

VIC 1a


VIC 3a


VIC 6a


VIC 12a


Step3 : Table dimensions. This is the actual outside dimension (length / width) of your Breadboard / Table Top.

Step4 : Assemble VERE Part#

Series# (VITS),Cansister Model #,Table Top Dimensions

Example: Part # VITSVIC1a2436 is :

A Non-Compressed Air Table Stand using VIC1a Canisters supporting a 24” x 36” Breadboard with a weight limit of 400 lbs total.